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Commodities Plus, Inc.


Producing glue extenders for the wood products industry


supplying commodities to food processors.





Corn Products
We package and distribute corn meals, grits and flour to food producers in truck and carload quantity shipments.  We have an SQF certified facility and conduct an AIB best practices audit on a yearly basis.
Custom Transloading
Our facility is designed to transload and package identity preserved products through a pneumatic unloading station.  We can offer both kraft paper and nylon bulk packaging options.
Glue Extenders

We blend, package and ship dry base mixes for incorporation into resin formulas that are used glue programs in the plywood industry.  We custom produce each dry base mix to each customer's specifications and verify our product integrity through rigorous lab testing protocols.

Custom Project Work

Over the years we have packaged and distributed customer owned products including malted barley, salt, semolina, starch, sugar and safflower meal through our food grade lines and bark flour, brewing chemicals and a host of additives for the wood products business through our industrial department.  We welcome inquiries about new programs you may need assistance in implementing.



The history of Commodities Plus dates back to 1986 when Rudy Hedberg rented some space at the Port of Vancouver to use for transloading and packaging flour for distribution to hardwood plywood mills in the Pacific Northwest.  Those were days when the industry was developing its body of knowledge on how to "extend" resin mixes so that they worked better in gluing veneers together to make plywood.  Rudy was an instrumental force in developing wood products laminating compounds and we are the leader in this business both in volume and in new product research today.


In 2002, we started a food grade commodities department that provides truck load quantities of product to food processors.  Our products are supplied to companies that are making dry mixes for resale to commercial and retail customers and to firms that are producing batters for application on potatoes and fish.  We rail commodities to our facility, verify specifications in our lab, package and distribute all through a facility that is both SQF and AIB certified.  Our outbound trucking uses carriers that are qualified by our protocols as  food grade carriers.

We are located at the confluence of two major railroad  lines that converge on the Portland metropolitan area, the BNSF and the UP.  In the Port of Vancouver we have three side tracks that can hold eighteen railcars.  Our facility is located a mile off U.S. interstate five so truck access to our plant is efficient.  The floor plan in our building features 37,000 square feet of space that divides and segregates the two divisions of our company, food and industrial, from each other.  Although there is no ocean container service at the Port of Vancouver containers can be loaded on top deck of bulk ships or into break bulk vessels.


If you want to inquire about our products or services or review a project we can assist you with we would welcome your inquiry!




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Commodities Plus, Inc.

For specific inquiries contact the following people on our team: 

  Operations - Brian Harris

  Quality Control - Mark Preston

  Administration - Nena Martinez

  Sales - Mike McDaniel


  2707 NW Lower River Road

  Vancouver, WA  98660


  P.O. Box 1368

  Vancouver, WA  98666


  P.  360-693-5249

  F.  360-693-4728

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